Mission Statement:

Silent Lights functions to enable property stakeholders the realization of value in exterior lighting on commercial properties in the greater Puget Sound area.


Silent Lights LLC was founded in 1999 by Ben Norbe. Ben transfers his 20 plus years of commercial real estate experience to the exterior lighting industry. With the vision of providing the most honest, reliable and professional service at a competitive price, Silent Lights sets itself a part from the industry.

Silent Lights serves commercial properties within the Greater Puget Sound region. The company maintains a work environment promoting and rewarding skilled, honest electricians and trainees that strive to continually learn and improve through team work. The success of it’s employees directly correlates to the unparalleled service Silent Lights provides their customers.

Silent Lights also cares about our community. We embrace social responsibility around the Puget Sound region by participating in activities that support our local communities, charities, and nonprofit organizations. Our participation is an essential part of our company’s mission dedicated to serving the region. To date, our company has shared our hands-on talent, time and financial contributions to school fundraisers and sponsorship with the local Boys Scouts of America, Communities in Schools – Tacoma, Swim Across America and serving our military in support of RallyPoint/6 the largest one-stop shop service center for veterans and military families in WA State. We actively seek new opportunities to share our personal time and talents for the betterment of our local communities within the Puget Sound region.

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Email: info@silentlightsllc.com
Tacoma Location: (253) 343-4609
Seattle Location: (206) 291-5232